In Place at Normandy Park and Led by qualified and trained Wellness, Resident Service and Activity Directors, the Artegan Wellness Program has five components: physical healthbrain powersocial connections, spirituality and culinary experience. Our approach is holistic; we value the connection of the individual program components. A great way to Celebrate the ART of your life.


Variety is the spice of life and at the heart of Physical Health at Normandy Park Exercise is physical activity that’s planned, structured and repetitive like tai chi, or an chair aerobics class.  At our community you will find both. Even if you’ve never exercised, it’s not too late to start. Physical activity will help increase your energy, be steadier on your feet and best of all will extend your life. Here’s a sample of how we’re getting and staying in shape:

  • Walking club
  • Balance and strength programs
  • Chair Excercise
  • Blood pressure, Audiology, and Health monitoring clinics


Socialization and support help us prevent isolation, build self-esteem and contribute to our ability to continue to grow as people. We design our events and activities to be stimulating, engaging and just plain fun. Enjoying the companionship is another way we’re Celebrating the ART of Life. Here’s a sample of our social activity:

  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Cooking clubs
  • Outings to: theatrical performances, restaurants, scenic touring places
  • Holiday celebrations and Happy Hours
  • Gardening events
  • Movies


What nurtures our sense of wholeness and spiritual wellness? Normandy Park programs are designed with respect for each person’s individuality as she defines it. We believe it’s important for each of us to have the opportunity for inner growth. Quiet reflection is another way we’re Celebrating the ART of Life.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

  • Church services
  • Meditation groups
  • Yoga
  • Book clubs
  • Discussion groups
  • Walking groups


The brain wants to learn. At Normandy Park we’ve added lifelong learning and social connections to physical activity as important components of our Wellness Program. You’ll have many opportunities to learn new information, try new tasks and participate in simulating events that are enjoyable AND will increase your Brain Power.

Here’s a sample of what we’re learning:

  • Computers
  • Art and Painting
  • Stress management
  • History
  • Book clubs


We’re learning more about the relationship between food, diseases and overall health. At Normandy Park Senior Living we’ve designed our dining experience to be delicious, convenient and pleasurable. At any time of day and whatever you choose you can count on our professional staff to combine nutrition and freshness with quality and creativity in a relaxed atmosphere. Call or visit us to learn about our Culinary program. Tell us what and how you’d like to eat!

And For Families…


This special service is designed so families can take a break from the daily care management tasks of caregiving at home. Or for those who need additional time to recover from an illness or injury before going home. Come stay with us for a short while and experience Normandy Park while receiving the services you need.

We’d like to meet you and get to know you better. Come and tell us what you’d like to do at Normandy Park. We are here for you. Call and visit us soon. 206-539-1629

We’d like to hear your story…

Your neighbors are waiting to greet you and introduce you to all the community has to offer. Come see how we’re Celebrating the ART of Life and find out more about Normandy Park.

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